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Specific Projects Include:

(1) CBC- ST. Vincent’s
Design and Installation of New HVAC System.

Work included:
1. Complete design of new HVAC sytem
2. Project management of all work.
3. Removal of old packaged units and installation of new
4. Site commissioning and start-up.
5. Supply of all as build drawing and documentation .

(2) CBC- New 3.2 M dish install Nov 08

Work included:
1. Structural foundation design and installation
2. Site plan drafting
3. City permit acquisition
4. Landscaping
5. Dish assembly and installation
6. Underground and overhead cable installation
7. Dish panning for new satellite uplink
8. Grounding

(3) Nalcor (formerly NL Hydro) - 48V DC
Large Battery Bank Installation
(3 Remote sites)

Work included:
1. Decommissioning and removal of existing 2000 AH Yuasa Modular battery system and storage bank.
2. Transportation (under TDG) to storage facility in St. John's , NL.
3. Transportation of C& D Technology's replacement batteries and storage bank to site.
4. Installation, equalization, testing and commissioning of new system.