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Williance is proud to announce that we are now
in the wind turbine business!

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“We have worked for most of the major Telecom/Utility/Broadcast players and we have everything from the Engineering and Technical know how, to the tools and equipment to deal with complex issues including maintenance and installations that are required to build and maintain a full site.”

Primary Focus
Williance's primary focus is to offer premier solutions and expertise to clients that operate very complex, mission critical (and often remote) technical facilities generally, but not exclusive, in the broadcast/communications/ telecom/utility sector.

Located in St. John's, Newfoundland, Williance is In its eighth year of operation. Williance offers it's many clients engineering to implementation services. We are continuing to expand and adapt to offer clients a broader service portfolio.

Whether you need solid industry advice to engineer your facility network, or need project management expertise, auditing, commissioning or provisioning services, Williance is there to work with you.

Williance's reputation is based on over 22 years of solid Broadcast - Telecom expertise; from management of complex systems to actual in field installation and provisioning experience. We meld the years of practical experience in engineering and operations management to bring you field optimized solutions.

Further we have a large facility with the tools of the trade, to call on if required, to assist clients with field expertise to solve problems at the source and help then realize their operational objectives.